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Most farm subsidies go to substantial and successful operations and provide little support for the farms they were once intended to benefit. Many of the programs create barriers to more efficient agriculture in the United States, interfere with international trade and have adverse effects on farmers in developing countries. The American Boondoggle series is an AEI project that reviews the implications of important basic facts and analyses as guidance for the 2012 Farm Bill.

American Boondoggle
Fixing the 2012 Farm Bill
by Barry K. Goodwin, Vincent H. Smith and Daniel A. Sumner
Premium Payments
Why Crop Insurance Costs Too Much
by Vincent H. Smith
We’re not in Kansas Anymore
Is There Any Case for Ag Subsidies?
by Barry K. Goodwin
For Want of a Nail
The Case for Increased Agricultural R&D Spending
by Philip G. Pardey and Julian M. Alston
Corn Belt Moonshine
The Costs and Benefits of US Ethanol Subsidies
by Christopher R. Knittel
Milking Consumers and Taxpayers
The Folly of US Dairy Policy
by Joseph V. Balagtas
Something for Nothing?
Direct Payments and Title I Farm Programs
by Bruce A. Babcock
Sweets for the Sweet
The Costly Benefits of the US Sugar Program
by Michael K. Wohlgenant
Picking on the Poor
How US Agricultural Policy Hurts the Developing World
by Daniel A. Sumner
Market Structure and Competition in the US Food Industries
Implications for the 2012 Farm Bill
by Tina L. Saitone and Richard J. Sexton
Stuck in the Mud
How Farm Policy Undermines Free Trade
by Tim Josling
US Food and Nutrition Programs
Costs, Effectiveness and Impact on Obesity
by Julian M. Alston
Conserving our Future
How to Reform Title II of the Farm Bill
by Tomislav Vukina
The ACRE Program
A Disaster in Waiting
by Barry K. Goodwin and Vincent H. Smith
Agricultural Disaster Aid Programs
A SURE Invitation to Wasteful Spending
by Myles Watts and Anton Bekkerman
Field of Schemes
The Taxpayer and Economic Welfare Costs of Shallow-Loss Farming Programs
by Vincent H. Smith, Bruce A. Babcock and Barry K. Goodwin
The Devil is in the Details:
Base Updating and the Cost of New Farm Bill Programs
by Vincent H. Smith and Barry K. Goodwin